Something More // Carry The Banner Split

by Something More

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released September 15, 2015

Recorded, mixed & mastered at The Monster House by Mike Bridgett



all rights reserved


Something More Baltimore, Maryland

Pop punk band from Bel Air, MD

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Track Name: Something More - Brentwood Park
Countless nights in Brentwood park
We've risked our lives to see the stars

We've played in basements and random bars
Played empty rooms and left with an empty jar
It's been a long time coming
But We never thought we'd have come this far

And We couldn't have seen it coming
But we lost everything we had in that car

Why can't you see that were doing what we have to
While we're away and you're at home
I can't think of another way to tell you
That I don't see myself working a dead end job

I think the Walmart security is on to us
But we're safe and sound in Big Red
It looks like the sun's coming up
Medicated to go to bed

Being out here is what i have to do
To feel like I'm doing anything worthwhile
And I know that we can make it
Cause I've never wanted anything more than this right now
Track Name: Something More - Maybe It's Just Me
If you could read my mind
You'd know that I don't hate you
I'm just trying to piece everything together
And keep us from falling apart
Cause I can't get out of my head
With these thoughts about your bed
That keep me awake at night
And dreaming about the past

You say we're perfect but I just can't see
Past the things you did when you didn't know me
I know I'm gonna hurt you and bring you down
But this isn't gonna work this time around.

Maybe it's just me and none of this matters
But I'm still always thinking about
The nights spent in your room
When I wasn't around
I hate myself for hating this
And there's nothing that can change it
But you can't change how I feel
No matter how much you regret it

Oh you know you're killing me
But I don't die that easily

Fuck your past
Cause it's fucking up my head.
Fuck your past
And get out of my bed
Track Name: Carry the Banner - Carolina
When I left home, I knew, I'd forget a thing or two // But I knew, I wasn't going to forget you // As I sit alone in Carolina // Wishing you were here // To shine a light on me // The way you always used to // So I hit the road // Because you told me // You wanted what's best for me // But now I'm scared I'm making memories // That you will never see // So sunshine, come running back to me // I'll always be here waiting // This isn't how the story goes // This isn't how the story ends // Cause I don't think I'll ever let another girl inside my bed // Cause no one else deserves to rest where you used to lay your head // And if I ever do I swear I'm sleeping on your side // Cause that's where your memory resides
Track Name: Carry the Banner - Tradition
It's kind of hard to make the words come out // When I don't even know what to write about // Or who I'm even talking to // When I need to say I'm missing you // And I hate that you were right // You knew that I would write // About dealing with you saying goodbye // But keeping with tradition // Because I knew you'd listen // I'll write this song just to prove you wrong // I don't need to say goodbye // A hundred-thousand times // To get the idea you want me out of your life // I just needed one more time // To look you in the eyes // So you get the idea you're walking out of my life // And no matter where I go // I'm haunted by the memories // Cause even though I know you're gone // I can feel you standing next to me // And I can't sit back and let you go // I'm writing you this song // Cause it's the only way I know to let you know // That keeping with tradition // Because I need you to listen // I'll write this song so that everyone can sing along // Cause I wish I could let you know // That it's killing me to watch you go // And I know the sunrise will never be the same // And I'll never lay under the stars again // Unless I'm with you